where to look.

Well, hello there menstral cramps… it’s so nice to feel your pains! OK, a bit TMI for an introduction – first day, woot!

It is the middle of the day, I am currently sitting on the living room sofa with a candle burning beside me, typing away – with youtube and maps on my browser tab and a notepad beside me filled with notes and drawings. I have a now cold beanbag beside me and a small pillow resting on my tummy.

I’ve been forever trying to stimulate my mind with anything to deal with the boredom of waiting around – like reading, looking at inspiration from tumblr and instagram, music, drawing, youtube. As someone who is keen to enrol to graphics course, I think it’s a good start. This whole month has been nothing but a waiting.

I have applied for several jobs and been waiting for an issue to be resolved. I’ve been back and forth with e-mails and calls. I don’t want to feel too bad for not ‘moving along’ – but this is my current situation and I’m trying to make the best out of it until a breakthrough.

*insert rant:

Waiting, it really sucks. I think the worst part is when you have to wait on others to do something for you – and there’s no way around it. When you trust someone to help you out – realising that they’ve swept everything under-the-rug… if I could just fix the problems that authorities have so much difficulty trying to do, yeah wouldn’t it just be good. I mean, why is it so difficult to say – sorry we can’t do this, but I can refer you to someone who can? – why make someone wait for so long; no calls, avoiding replying to e-mails and what not? *head-shakes

rant over.

On a side note, all this free time has given me the chance to do things. I think the most important thing to do in your free time is to always stimulate your mind with something, in my case – the internet. The internet, for once, is somewhat of a good place to find new things. But also, take a break from the internet for a bit – get a pen, pencil, paint and a notebook and do some scribbling and writing – add a cup of coffee with that too. Go out for a bit – went to La Perouse last week, a good, quiet place to clear your mind – the only place where wearing clothes is not frowned upon! I’m kidding.

youtube.com is such a good place to look. I’ve currently been watching documentaries like the fifth estate & real stories, alongside other regulars like family channels, beauty channels, music. One channel I highly recommend watching is the michalaks. This ain’t a vlog, it’s literally cinematography – truly a beauty to watch.

tumblr and instagram is another good place to look for visual & text inspiration and art ♥

I’ve also been meaning to practice drawing on an Adobe software – namely Illustration. But I can’t seem to find the tablet and it’s pen… guess that’s my next task.

Until then 🙂



Hey thereeeee, my name’s Vanessa and i’m from Sydney, Australia.. and this is my first post 🙂

I’m sixteen ATM turning seventeen in 3 days and I’m in my final year of high school at a school I will not name for privacy reasons. I study English, General Maths, Visual Arts, Hospitality and Food Technology – but I don’t want anything to do with these subjects in the near future as I want to study pyschological science or medical science. I have no siblings which makes me an absolute loner, but I do have my 2 parents which I guess I get on with on occassions. I’m a tad bit shy and I dislike being center of attention, but that’s because I don’t feel the need to display myself. I just adore little kids and I am not a creeper BTW, I just think that their youth and innocence makes me love them even more. I find astrology very very intriguing as well as law, mystery and so forth.

I guess one of the reasons why I decided to get WordPress is because I want to improve on my self-expression and being able to apply that into words on paper, well in this case into my blog. But my other reason is because I would like to document my thoughts here and look back to it and reminisce – you’d say “Why don’t you just write in your journal?”, and I’ll say “Because I suck at keeping stuff, including journals.”

I can’t think of anything else to say so I will conclude my post, I hope I haven’t bored the crap out of you because I swear I will be better at this… somehow..

I’m in the middle of my school holidays so I suppose I will keep updating until school starts but I will try.

Signing off,

nessa 🙂