Hey thereeeee, my name’s Vanessa and i’m from Sydney, Australia.. and this is my first post 🙂

I’m sixteen ATM turning seventeen in 3 days and I’m in my final year of high school at a school I will not name for privacy reasons. I study English, General Maths, Visual Arts, Hospitality and Food Technology – but I don’t want anything to do with these subjects in the near future as I want to study pyschological science or medical science. I have no siblings which makes me an absolute loner, but I do have my 2 parents which I guess I get on with on occassions. I’m a tad bit shy and I dislike being center of attention, but that’s because I don’t feel the need to display myself. I just adore little kids and I am not a creeper BTW, I just think that their youth and innocence makes me love them even more. I find astrology very very intriguing as well as law, mystery and so forth.

I guess one of the reasons why I decided to get WordPress is because I want to improve on my self-expression and being able to apply that into words on paper, well in this case into my blog. But my other reason is because I would like to document my thoughts here and look back to it and reminisce – you’d say “Why don’t you just write in your journal?”, and I’ll say “Because I suck at keeping stuff, including journals.”

I can’t think of anything else to say so I will conclude my post, I hope I haven’t bored the crap out of you because I swear I will be better at this… somehow..

I’m in the middle of my school holidays so I suppose I will keep updating until school starts but I will try.

Signing off,

nessa 🙂